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In addition to Aleph Champ – Hebrew Reading, Sefateinu – Hebrew Language and Chagim – Jewish Holidays; here is an overview of each grade and the topics they’ll cover.

Gan • JK - SK


There is nothing quite like watching a child bond with the Hebrew letters as they are brought to life. We introduce our JK and SK (Gan) students to the Aleph Bet in a relaxed and playful atmosphere. We use the “Adventure With Alef” curriculum, known as “The Hebrew Alphabet Program that Engages Today’s Students”.

Adventure with Alef’s first class Hebrew alphabet program brings an excitement and love of the Hebrew letters to the classroom, leaving students eager to learn more. Within the beautiful illustrations are smart and relevant mnemonics that allows students to easily learn the Hebrew Alphabet and recall the Aleph Bet letters forever. With the five-star app, letter review is transformed into an exciting and fun activity. 


In “Mitzvos I Can Do” and “Middos I Can Have” the children in Gan learn about the various parts of their body and the good deeds and positive character traits that they can do/have with them. They celebrate Judaism and its relevance to themselves in an interactive and exciting way.

Kvutza Aleph • Grade 1-2


Every Hero has an Origin Story. Our Kvutza Aleph students explore the awesome tales of our history starting at Creation, getting to know the Avot and Imahot and up until the Jewish People’s descent into Egypt.

Story of My Life makes the stories of our ancestors personal and relevant. It imparts Jewish values through the age old art of storytelling combined with innovative weekly workshops and fresh new activities and visuals. Our history is our Story!

The perfect blend of educational and fun, this course in split into 12 interactive, STEAM based workshops:

  1. 6 days of Creation. My world in miniatures.
  2. Garden of Eden. That snake is bad news. Airbrush and #makegoodchoices
  3. Noah’s Ark. At the makerspace, I make an ark to rise above any flood.
  4. Jew #1 – Avraham. Avraham was my great, great grandfather? OMG. This deserves a photo sketch.
  5. Avraham’s Guests. I just got VIP access to Avraham’s tent! Let’s engineer the structure, then we party.
  6. Kind Rivka. Be like Grandma Sara and Rivkah. Join me and learn how to make challa-in-a-bag.
  7. Yakov & Eisav. Yakov loved Torah. I love Torah. Get in the spotlight at our torah scholar gameshow.
  8. Yakov’s family. 12 kids, baby! My family is growing. Let’s whip out the cupcake brides and get swirling.
  9. My Grandparents’ Struggles and Triumphs Paint my life. Illustrate the official storybook of my DNA.
  10. Yosef’s Coat. Be strong. Be resilient. Be colorful. Create a beautiful woven masterpiece that shows off your inner Yosef.
  11. Pharaoh’s dreams. I’ve got big magic. Get the tricks to show the world your dreams.
  12. Yosef’s journeys. The world can be a MAZE. But we can make it amazing. #PVCpiperun

Kvutza Bet • Grade 3


The Jewish People’s journey from Egypt to the Holy Land of Israel taught in a way that  students can grasp, retain, and embrace for a lifetime. Included in this captivating course:

Exodus Children’s Theater

Children relive the Exodus through the captivating lenses of drama and intrigue. They connect to the leaders who gave the Jews hope that G-d would keep His promise and liberate them from their terrible circumstances.

Crafting Torah Workshop 

Children follow the journey from Egypt to Mount Sinai through crafting, scribing, and Torah building. As they construct their very own Torah, they are filled with a sense of love for it, and they understand that nothing could get in the way of our gift from Hashem — not even the vast Red Sea.

STEM Replica of the Mishkan

In this unit, children use STEM as they continue to follow the journey of the Jewish People through the desert. They come into contact with the terrible mistake of the Golden Calf, and discover how it was later rectified through the building of the Mishkan. Children collaborate to construct a large model of the Mishkan, whilst learning of the deep, eternal connection that it fostered between the Jews and Hashem.

Stop-Motion Experience

Children learn about the miraculous story of the Jews in the desert — from the rock that gave water to the clouds that offered protection. They then illustrate these lessons through the powerful tool of stop-motion video by creating their own animations. The videos they put together span the tragic story of the meraglim, and culminate as the Jewish People — at long last — stand ready to fulfill the promise of Hashem and enter the Land of Israel.

Kvutzas Gimmel & Daled • Grades 4-5 Girls & Grades 4-6 Boys


Science meets whimsy as children unleash their imaginations through exciting hands on construction workshops and engineering labs. Integrating Jewish heritage with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), this course provides a life changing opportunity for children to develop creative building skills, deepen their relationship with the Land of Israel, and foster a desire to create global change.

The Land of Israel has always been a special place for Jews and Judaism. Today, its people transform individual imagination into collective reality through innovative science and technology. Combining teamwork and inquiry-based learning, Dream Building encourages children to make this transformational magic part of their own lives.

In this six unit course students explore, experience, build and create:

Avraham’s Magical Tent. 

Amidst the burning sands and sun, Avraham’s home was a physical and spiritual oasis for the weary traveller. His deep connection with the Creator planted the roots of the entire Jewish nation. It was here G-d promised him the Land of Israel. In this lesson, children learn the basics of architecture and design. Friendships are deepened as they collaborate to create an “oasis” of their own.

Jericho and The Mysterious Falling Wall. 

The Land of Israel has a “magnetic” power. As the desert nomads took their first steps back upon the ground of the land of their forefathers, the towering walls of Jericho, standing in the path of their destiny, came crumbling down before them. Children discuss miracles and science and bring it all to life using magnets to construct, and deconstruct, their own model wall of Jericho.

Electrify the Dark. 
The Beit Hamikdash was the heart of Jewish life and spirituality in ancient Israel. It was built to be a beacon – its windows engineered at an angle to emanate widening beams of light, illuminating the streets with its physical and spiritual glow. Students will explore how small individual actions have the power to brighten the world, as they construct actual night lights to light up the dark.

The Floating Kotel Hamaaravi. 

Throughout the generations, Jews journeyed to pray at this holy site. We may not have a Beit Hamikdash, but here at this one remaining wall, we can tap into our roots and our unique history, our prayers joining those of our ancestors. It is here we are reminded of our inherent and pervasive connection with the Divine. GROW students learn the power of collaboration, working together to hone their engineering skills and develop a giant, floating Western Wall out of balloons.

Miracles and Modern Science. 

Ranked as one of the top Engineering Universities in the world, Technion has emerged as a global leader in scientific innovation and impact. Children discover the magic, the wonder, the miracles, and the lives that have been protected by technological advancement. Guided by Technion students themselves, children get to build their most exciting creations.
Toys for Sderot. 
The journey comes full circle as participants employ their newly acquired STEM skills to imagine, design, and create toys to be sent to children in Sderot. Located near the Gaza border, this city has one of the highest percentages of children with PTSD. GROW has selected a humanitarian relief program addressing the needs of children in struggling homes to receive the handmade gifts. Students reach the ultimate culmination and purpose of the course, using their talents and abilities to achieve global impact.

As we have some combined age groups, we learn several curricula on a cycle basis. Some other topics that we will visit at Chai Hebrew School in future years include:


The Ten Commandments are a framework for all of Judaism. Students learn all about the Aseret Hadibrot and their pertinence in today’s day through exciting and engaging lessons.


Through building a model Jewish home, using colorfully designed workbooks, students explore Mitzvot and practical Judaism in a personal way. Room by room, students build a home full of Mitzvot and Torah values guided by this innovative program.


The iTorah curriculum explores fundamental Jewish concepts in a very personal, exciting, and interactive way. Topics such as G‑d, Emunah (faith), the Torah, Prayer, the Jewish Calendar and the Purpose of Creation are all part of this unique curriculum. We hope this course inspires and leads to continued and greater Jewish engagement as students approach Bar/Bat Mitzvah.