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About The Program

Review is integral to every successful reading program – as we all know, practice makes perfect. Students at Chai Hebrew School are assigned optional weekly homework which is rewarded with Torah Tokens.

Aleph Champ homework is given on an individual student basis depending on the stage they are up to in their hebrew reading. For example, if your child has passed Red Aleph and is currently working towards his/her orange medallion, their homework will be Level Orange.

Please email [email protected] with any questions you may have.


Step 1: Select the level that your child is at and have them read the warm up sheet aloud. We have created a ‘parents’ edition of the warm up sheet to assist you when reviewing with your child.

Step 2: Select the homework page that was assigned to your child by his/her Aleph Champ Morah. The pages were noted on your child’s homework sticker. Have your child read the pages aloud.

Step 3: Fill out the homework form for each day that your child does their assigned homework (Sunday-Thursday). Your child will earn a Torah Token for each day that hebrew reading homework is done, so up to five tokens can be earned each week! 

Level White Homework

First 19 letters of the Aleph Bet

Level Red Homework

All 32 letters of the Aleph Bet

Level Orange Homework

First 3 vowels: Kamatz, Patach, Tzeirei

Level Yellow Homework

Next 3 vowels: Segol, Shva, Cholam

Level Green Homework

Last 3 vowels: Cheereek, Koobootz, Shoorook

Level Blue Homework

Exceptions: Patach Chet, Double Shva, etc.

Level Purple Homework

Reading prayers at 10-20 words per minute

Level Brown Homework

Reading prayers at 20-30 words per minute

Level Grey Homework

Reading prayers from the Siddur at 30-40 words per minute

Level Black Homework

Students master reading 40-50 words per minute